1976-78' Suzuki RM100-370 Front Numberplate

Suzuki RM Front Numberplates


We guarantee you won’t find a better quality product!

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  • Correct plastic reproduction in high definition, high gloss finish or NOS
  • We guarantee you won’t find a better quality product



Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 12 x 1 in
Suzuki RM Front Numberplate

FNP_Suz_RM60_NOS_(82-83), FNP_Suz_RM80_NOS_(83-85), FNP_Suz_RM100-400_Repro_(75-78), FNP_Suz_RM100-400_NOS_(78-80), FNP_Suz_RM100-400_Repro_Yellow_(78-80), FNP_Suz_RM100-400_Repro_Trans_(78-80), FNP_Suz_RM125-500_NOS_(81-95)


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