• Suzuki RM Fork Seal Sets

Suzuki RM Fork Seal Sets


Complete Fork Seal Set for your bike!

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Package Includes:

* One pair of fork seals for your model, dust case seals sold separately

*Genuine Suzuki Part

* We gurantee you won’t find better quality products

Weight 0.25 lbs
Suzuki RM Fork Seal Sets

FS_Suz_RM100_(76), FS_Suz_RM100_(77-78), FS_Suz_RM125_(75-76), FS_Suz_RM125_(77-78), FS_Suz_RM125_(79-82), FS_Suz_RM125_(83), FS_Suz_RM125_(84-87), FS_Suz_RM125_(88), FS_Suz_RM125_(89), FS_Suz_RM125_(90), FS_Suz_RM125_(91), FS_Suz_RM250_(76-78.5), FS_Suz_RM250_(79-82), FS_Suz_RM250_(83-87), FS_Suz_RM250_(88), FS_Suz_RM370_(76-77), FS_Suz_RM400_(78), FS_Suz_RM400_(79-80), FS_Suz_RM465_(81-82), FS_Suz_RM500_(83-84)


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