Suzuki RH TM Reproduction Grip Set

Suzuki RH TM Reproduction Grip Set


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They are also suitable for 1971-1975 model TM100-400’s with the only difference found to be a change in the relation of the flat trademark panel to the number of ribs intersecting it. OEM# 57110-16510, 57110-3011 for the throttle and OEM# 57211-25700 for the left.

These were perfectly created to even include the parting bead of the original mold. Modern molding process’s no longer cause that without having it molded on purpose. Using the last pair of NOS grips we had and after several samples were turned back we have the result of months of research. Even the rubber compound has the same feel and look of the originals, except for being fresh of course.
Perfect duplications of Suzuki grips, OEM# 57114-16200 and 57211-16200 for the throttle and left grip respectively. These were the original grips for the infamous 1967 TM250 better known today as the RH67 Twin Pipe.
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