• Suzuki PE RM TM Swingarm Chain Defence

Suzuki PE RM TM Swingarm Chain Defence


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Package Includes:


* One new NOS or quality reproduction Swingarm Chain Defence

* We gurantee you won’t find better quality products

* Backed by over 10 years of experience in the industry

Weight 0.25 lbs
Swingarm Chain Defence

RB_Suz_RM250/370_(77-78), RB_Suz_TM100-125_(73-75), RB_Suz_RM125_(78), RB_Suz_RM250/400_(80), RB_Suz_RM125_(81), RB_Suz_RM125_(82), RB_Suz_RM250_(81-82), RB_Suz_RM465_(81-82), RB_Suz_RM250_(83), RB_Suz_RM500_(83-84), RB_Suz_RM250_(78.5), RB_Suz_RM400_(78), RB_Suz_RM125_(83), RB_Suz_RM250_(84-85), RB_Suz_RM250_(86-87), RB_Suz_RM125_(84-85), RB_Suz_RM125_(76-77), RB_Suz_PE250_(77-78), RB_Suz_PE175_(78-79)


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